Prohibition on legal gambling as set forth by local regulations

The territorial issue characterizing the Italian public gaming is ready to become a case study at an international level. It's all thanks to the publication, in English, by the lawyer expert on the subject, Geronimo Cardia, of the book namesake ("La Questione Territoriale: il proibizionismo inflitto al gioco lecito dalla normativa locale”) published by Gn Media in April 2016, and even very present in the light of the endless war between central State and local authorities on gaming regulation.

A tipically Italian issue, but which aroused an increasing interest throughout Europe and beyond, to the point that the Publisher decided to entirely translate the book in English, to meet the many requests from abroad of professionals interested in studying the Italian case over the past months.

The book, entirely in English, entitled "THE TERRITORIAL ISSUE - Prohibition on legal gambling as set forth by local regulations" is available in e-book format at a cost of €15.

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